How Many Families Are Dalits In Palampur?

How many Dalit families are there in Palampur?

In Palampur, about one third of the 450 families are landless, i.e.

150 families, most of them dalits, have no land for cultivation.

Of the remaining families who own soil for long.

They may escape from the soil and pollute groundwater, rivers and lakes..

How many families of scheduled caste are there in Palampur?

450 familiesThe village of Palampur has around 450 families. These families belong to different castes. The majority of the land is under the control of the 80 upper caste families. Their big houses are made of bricks and cement plastering.

How many families in Palampur village live in small houses?


How many houses are there in village Palampur?

Palampur has a population of 1,89,276 peoples. There are 44,501 houses in the sub-district.

Which is the largest village near to Palampur?

Palampur Tehsil – Kangra#VillagesPopulation1Agoja Khas9712Aima2,7753Ambotu2314Andreta1,125117 more rows

What was the status of SCs or Dalits in Palampur?

Answer : They were small labours or landless labour and work for daily wages which is insufficient. Status of the dalits in the village palampur was so bad and poor. Mostly SC’s comprises 1/3 Rd of the population and they live in the corner of the village and live in the small houses which is made up of straw and mud.

Is Palampur a real village?

The village named Palampur is actually a hypothetical village that look similar to some villages of Uttar Pradesh of India.

Which town lies nearest to Palampur?

shahpurThe town nearest to palampur is shahpur .

Which community comprise one third of the population in the village Palampur?

Answer: The SC’s comprise one third of the population and live in one corner of the village and in much smaller houses some of which are of mud and straw.