Is Thursday A Good Day To Cut Hair?

Which day should we cut hair?

tuesdayAccording to the Puranas, taking haircut on tuesday lower the age.

According to astrology, Tuesday is a day dedicated to planet Mars.

Mars is inhabited by blood in the body of man and blood is produced from the blood.

If the hair is cut on Tuesday, then there is a risk of blood related diseases..

Can we cut hair at night?

But the fact that you shouldn’t cut your hair at night seems like really good advice. This superstition stems from older times when people didn’t have lightbulbs and were relying on oil lamps. Cutting hair at night without proper lighting could result in unsanitary conditions such as hair in food or a dirty household.

How can I stop Thursday fast?

One must end the fast by listening or reading the Katha. To worship Banana Tree on this day, light a lamp in front of the tree and also offer bath and Chana Dal and Turmeric to the tree. Thursday fast Katha is a must and yellow colour clothes should be donated on this day.

Why is Tuesday not good for haircuts?

Tuesday is dedicated to worship Maa Durga and Mahalakshmi in Hinduism. Worshipping them on Tuesdays is supposed to bring luck and money. Tuesday is called Mangal Var or the auspicious day. On auspicious days and on festivals cutting nails and haircut will not be done, as these activities are considered as inauspicious.

Can we cut hair on Thursday?

Therefore, cutting hair on Saturday greatly affects the aforesaid things. It is believed that cutting or trimming hair on Saturday reduces life by seven months. Therefore, to stay safe from the aforementioned things, getting a haircut on Saturday, Thursday and Tuesday is prohibited.

What should not be done on Thursday?

Thursday Myths: Things that you cannot do on ThursdaysDoing the laundry: … Taking out the garbage: … Washing hair: … Taking a haircut, shaving or cutting nails: … Worshipping Goddess Laxmi alone:

Can we eat banana on Thursday fast?

Some people prefer eating Banana on the day of fast but it is not preferred to eat banana on the day of Brihaspati puja. … Those who keep Brihaspati fast, eat only one time a day that is in the evening. Married women performing the puja must not wash their hair on Thursday.

Can we eat banana on Thursday?

Do not consume a banana or any part of the banana plant on this day. For the worship of Lord Brihaspati, chant the following mantra. 1) By worshipping the banana plant on a Thursday, you will be able to invoke Lord Vishnu to seek his blessings.

On which day we should not wash hair?

MondayFrom human routine to the last cremation, there is a tradition attached to every moment. Washing hair on Monday – Married women should not wash hair on Monday, because it is written in the scriptures, that washing hair on this day puts a burden on the daughter!

On which day hair should not be cut?

Friday- Friday is considered to be the day of physical amenities. It is auspicious to cut hair and nails on this day. Saturday -Haircut should be avoided on Saturday. This day is considered to be the cause of death..

Why we should not cut our hair on Thursday?

Mars resides in the blood of our body and the origin of hair is blood. Cutting hair on Tuesday increases the chances of blood diseases. Thursday is the day of Jupiter, significator of wealth, knowledge and offspring.