Question: How Do I Send A Lithium Battery Back To Amazon?

What happens if you mail lithium batteries?

Remember that air shipments of lithium ion (UN3480) and lithium metal (UN3090) batteries without equipment must be sent as fully regulated dangerous goods when shipped with UPS, which requires a UPS Dangerous Goods contract..

Does DHL accept lithium batteries?

DHL Express requires pre-approval to ship Lithium Batteries to ensure that account holders are sufficiently trained, instructed and will prepare Lithium Batteries shipments according to the applicable regulations and DHL’s policies and procedures.

Can I post a lithium battery?

UK – Allowed in the mail, with restrictions and packaging guidelines below: Cells or batteries that are defective or damaged are forbidden. … For lithium metal/alloy batteries the lithium content must not be more than 1g per cell or 2g per battery. The maximum net quantity of cells or batteries is 5kg per parcel.

How do I return a lithium battery to Amazon?

If the item you want to return contains damaged lithium batteries please detach them from the item before returning. The item without the battery can then be returned. If the damaged battery can’t be detached or if the item itself is a damaged lithium battery, please dispose it in the nearest recycling centre.

How do I return a lithium battery to Amazon UK?

If the item you want to return contains damaged lithium batteries, detach them from the item before returning. You can then return the item without the battery. If you can’t detach the damaged battery, or if the item itself is a damaged lithium battery, please dispose of it in the nearest recycling center.

Which Courier will take lithium batteries?

FedEx takes the transport of your shipment containing lithium batteries very seriously and complies with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulations for carrying such items as a carrier.

Why can’t you send lithium batteries in the mail?

Lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable and if they are exposed to high temperatures they are prone to overheating and this can potentially lead to an explosion. For this reason, lithium-ion batteries are considered dangerous goods. … There must be no more than 2 lithium-ion batteries in any parcel.

Does it cost more to ship lithium ion batteries?

Yes, it typically costs more to ship lithium ion batteries. Shipping services must take extra care when shipping Li-ion batteries, and the additional paperwork involved contributes to the cost as well.

Can I ship lithium batteries via FedEx?

FedEx Express® shipments containing permitted IATA Section II lithium batteries are allowed at FedEx Office Print and Ship Center locations and may be placed in FedEx Drop Boxes.

Can I send a lithium battery by Royal Mail?

You cannot send lithium batteries on their own through domestic or international post. … You can also send lithium batteries in the UK when they’re sent with their device (except in their Royal Mail Tracked Returns, Business Response, Freepost, Royal Mail 24 and Royal Mail 48).

Can I return batteries to Amazon?

Under Amazon’s policy, regarding Lithium batteries or other Hazmat items, they will not accept a return, but will still refund the item. Amazon, always the buyers amazon.

How do I ship a lithium battery?

Pack each battery in fully-enclosed interior packaging to protect the terminals. Don’t place heavy items on packed batteries. Keep batteries away from other metal objects that may cause short-circuiting. Avoid turning on devices with installed batteries while being shipped.

What items can you not send through the mail?

USPS Restricted ItemsIntoxicating liquors.Firearms.Knives and sharp instruments.Liquids, powders, and odor-producing materials.Motor vehicle master keys and locksmithing devices.Controlled substances and drugs.Unsolicited promotional samples.Building construction material.More items…•

Will UPS ship lithium batteries?

Lithium Batteries packed without equipment: UPS only accepts air shipments of UN3090 or UN3480, lithium metal or ion batteries packed alone (without equipment) as fully regulated shipments.

What items Cannot be sent by Royal Mail?

A guide to what our personal customers can and cannot send in the mailAerosols. … Alcohol. … Ammunition (excluding lead pellets and other airgun and airsoft projectiles) … Asbestos. … Balance Boards (including Hoverboards, electric scooters, electric bicycles and all battery powered vehicles and equipment (UN3171))More items…