Question: How Do You Teach Infection Control?

What is infection prevention and control in childcare settings?

Infection prevention and control in childcare settings involves carrying out risk assessments and putting measures in place to manage any risks identified these should be reviewed and updated regularly (see Section 2.2)..

How do you deal with infection control?

Infection control – occupational exposure to body fluidsFlush the area with running water.Wash the area with plenty of warm water and soap.Report the incident to the appropriate staff member.Record the incident via the Disease/Injury/Near Miss/Accident (DINMA) reporting procedure.Seek medical advice.

How do you explain infection control to a patient?

Six Steps to Educating Patients About Infection ControlStart with the basics. … Make the patient comfortable. … Help the patient become an active participant. … Let patients know what their care should look like as well. … Don’t forget about high-risk patients. … Understand the patient’s rights to education.

How do I get certified in infection control?

Part Four How Do You Become an Infection Control Nurse?Become a Registered Nurse. Become a licensed Registered Nurse by earning either a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) or an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) and then passing the. … Spend 2+ Years Working in Infection Control. … Earn Your CIC Certification.