Question: How The Area Under Cultivation Can Be Increased?

What is modern farming?

Modern farming technology is used to improve the wide types of production practices employed by farmers.

It makes use of hybrid seeds of selected variety of a single crop, technologically advanced equipment and lots of energy subsidies in the form of irrigation water, fertilizers and pesticides..

What are the examples of multiple cropping?

A related practice, companion planting, is sometimes used in gardening and intensive cultivation of vegetables and fruits. One example of multi-cropping is tomatoes + onions + marigold; the marigolds repel some of tomato’s pests. Multiple cropping is found in many agricultural traditions.

What is the purpose of cultivation?

The main objective of cultivation is to promote and maintain good tilth. Tilth is a composite term for the overall physical characteristics of a soil (texture, structure, perme- ability, consistence, drainage, and water-holding capacity).

Is it important to increase the area under cultivation Why?

Answer: Yes, it is important to increase the area under irrigation because water is very essential for agriculture. In India, the rainfall is unevenly distributed in the country and if rainfall is less, then production will be low, and they will be only able to grow one crop in a season.

What is cultivation area?

Area under cultivation means the area that corresponds to the total sown area, but after the harvest it excludes ruined areas (e.g. due to natural disasters). If the same land parcel is used twice in the same year, the area of this parcel can be counted twice.

What are the different ways of increasing production?

Answer: Multiple cropping and use of modern farming methods are two different ways of increasing production on the same piece of land. e.g., (i) Multiple Cropping When more than one crop is grown on a piece of land during the year it is known as multiple cropping.

Is it possible to bring more land under cultivation?

1. Extensive Cultivation: When more and more land is brought under cultivation to increase production, it is called extensive cultivation. … The farmers bring more and more land under cultivation in order to increase production.

What are the positive impacts of green revolution in India?

It improved the economic lot of farmers, and their standard of living greatly improved. It reduced the import of food grains. The revolution increased the use of fertilizers. Generally speaking a fertilizer has the chance to soak into the soil and spread to other areas if it rains.

What is the area brought under cultivation in a year is called?

The area brought under cultivation in a year is called Net Sown area.

What is the difference between multiple cropping and modern farming method?

Difference between Multiple Cropping and Modern Farming: Multiple Cropping: … It includes growing more than one crop on a piece of land during the same year. This method involves using of traditional seeds that requires less irrigation, wooden tools and equipments, ancient machinery, etc.

What is cultivation method?

Definition. Any procedure or approach used to prepare land or soil for the growth of new crops, or to promote or improve the growth of existing crops.

Which country has the best soil in the world?

Land use statistics by countryRankCountryArable land (%)—World10.61India52.82United States16.83Russia7.335 more rows