Question: What Bulbs Should I Plant Now?

Should you soak bulbs before planting?

The following tips will help you grow healthy, beautiful flowers.

Soak fall-planted bulbs for 12 hours in warm water before planting.

Soaking allows suitable bulbs to absorb enough water to begin growth immediately, saving two or three weeks of time..

When should I plant fall bulbs?

Fall Bulbs should be planted as soon as the ground is cool, when evening temperatures average between 40° – 50° F. Ground temperatures reaching 40° – 50° F during fall is most common in cold climates (zones 1-7), generally 6-8 weeks before the ground freezes.

Is it OK to plant bulbs now?

If you miss planting your bulbs at the optimal time, don’t wait for spring or next fall. Bulbs aren’t like seeds. They won’t survive out of the ground indefinitely. Even if you find an unplanted sack of tulips or daffodils in January or February, plant them and take your chances.

What are the best plants to plant now?

Here is a list of fall flowers that you can plant right now to keep your yard looking great.Asters. Asters produce pretty daisy-like flowers in a range of colors and, depending on the species, are frost tolerant. … Cabbage and Kale. … Calendula. … Chrysanthemum. … Cosmos. … Daisies. … Pansies.