Question: What Does The Term Lace Up Mean?

What does laced mean slang?

Laced is a slang term with many meanings.

It can refer to a drink or drug mixed with another substance (e.g., laced with vodka or cocaine).

It can refer to being intoxicated on such a drink or drug..

Where is the best place to resell shoes?

Grailed. Okay, we know–we’re putting ourselves at the top of the list. … StockX. The self-described “stock market of things” StockX began as a marketplace to determine the actual aftermarket value of hyped sneakers. … GOAT. … Flight Club. … Stadium Goods.

What does GS mean in shoes?

Grade SchoolGrade School or GS refers to the reengineered sizes of popular sneaker silhouettes. Built of a smaller and narrower construction, Grade School models are specifically designed to fit a foot smaller than the average male, offering the perfect fit for girls and adolescents.

Is laced legit?

My reply from laced: .. I can assure you the item you have received is 100% authentic. I have had our authentication team look over the photos you have sent and everything is correct.

What does lace stand for Army?

LACE stands for Liquid (water), Ammunition on hand, Casualties (friendly only), essential Equipment (military radio call for status of) Suggest new definition.

What is a closed lace shoe?

In closed-lace styles, the part of the shoe that covers the front portion and sides of the foot, known as the ‘vamp’, is stitched over the bottom of the part of the shoe that contains the eyelets, known as the ‘facing’.

What does place mean?

verb (used with object), placed, plac·ing. to put in the proper position or order; arrange; dispose: Place the silverware on the table for dinner. to put or set in a particular place, position, situation, or relation. to put in a suitable place for some purpose: to place an advertisement in the newspaper.

What is tonal lace?

The Details. Positively Conscious. adidas Tonal lace-up trainers. Keep it casually cool on your days off in these lace-up Adidas trainers. These sports shoes feature a lace-up fastening, tonal detail, a protective heel pad and a thick rubber sole to ensure that you remain well-gripped while on the move.

How do you lace up your shoes?

Pair your lace ups with cropped pants, ankle jeans, or roll up the hems of your pant legs just above the ankle. You can still wear lace ups with regular jeans, but they lose a bit of their pizzazz when the laces are hidden. Ankle-length skinny jeans are very popular with these shoes.

What does Lance mean?

The name Lance means Land and is of English origin. Lance is a name that’s been used primarily by parents who are considering baby names for boys. … In English, a lance is a name for a long knife or sword. It is also a verb, meaning to cut open.

What is lace used for?

Different Uses. The Lace fabric is extensively used in home decor products and in the clothing industry. The mesh like appearance gives a classy and delicate touch to a fabric. Narrow ones are used as trims, while broader ones are used as decorative on curtains, table cloths, and outfits.

What does lace mean in nursing?

licensure, accreditation, certification, and educationLACE stands for licensure, accreditation, certification, and education and is identified as the 4 pillars of regulation by Affara and Styles.

What does lace closure mean?

Lace Closure are typically 4 x4 inch. closures tend to sit in the middle of the head or on the side for a side part look. Lace closures are smaller because their primary purpose is to close off an install hence the name closure. Closures typically only cover a horseshoe size portion at the top or front of an install.

What does Macing someone mean?

a nonlethal spray containing purified tear gas and chemical solvents that temporarily incapacitate a person mainly by causing eye and skin irritations: used especially as a means of subduing rioters.

What does lace up mean in slang?

Definitions include: to have sexual intercourse. also simply “lace”

What does lace up entry mean?

Lace-up shoes are the most common type of shoe. … As their name indicates, they’re closed by means of a shoelace that’s laced through eyelets or lugs.

What does it mean to lace food?

To lace food or drink with a substance such as alcohol or a drug means to put a small amount of the substance into the food or drink. She laced his food with sleeping pills.

What does the acronym LACE stand for?

LACEAcronymDefinitionLACELicensure, Accreditation, Certification, and Education (nursing)LACEListening and Communication EnhancementLACELiquid Air Cycle EngineLACELow-Power Atmospheric Compensation Experiment24 more rows

Who owns laced?

Joamil RodriguezIn July 2010, Joamil Rodriguez acquired the LACED BOSTON brand and store-front, ideally located in the heart of Boston’s historic South End. Family owned and operated, LACED has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere offering a vast selection of brands and styles. LACED is a reflection of true street culture.