Quick Answer: What Is RoC Filing?

Why ROC is required?

MCA has appointed RoCs under section 609 of the Companies Act, 2013, and mostly to deal with the administration of companies.

Hence, the job of RoCs is to ensure that all the companies registered as per companies Act 2013 in the country fulfill the statutory compliance requirements..

What are the ROC compliance?

ROC Annual Compliances include filing of forms with the registrar of companies within the stipulated time period as stated in the rules. The Annual ROC Filing for Company is quite seamless provided you get the right help.

What Roc means?

Registration of Company. ROC. Receiver Operating Characteristic (signal detection theory) ROC. Rate of Change.

What is ROC in ML?

An ROC curve (receiver operating characteristic curve) is a graph showing the performance of a classification model at all classification thresholds. This curve plots two parameters: True Positive Rate. False Positive Rate.

What is ROC number?

Company Registration Numbers (ROC) are numbers that identify a company and this number will be printed on their certificate of incorporation.

What is ROC filing fees?

Fees For Filing Various Documents or For Registering any Fact Under Companies Act, 2013 (Except for Form No SH. 7) :Nominal Share CapitalFees per document3.Rs. 500000 less than Rs. 2500000Rs. 4004.Rs. 2500000 or more less than Rs. 1 CroreRs. 5005.Rs. 1 Crore or moreRs. 60017 more rows

Who should file ROC?

What is ROC Filing? Every company is required to file the Audited financial statement and annual return as per The Companies Act, 2013 within 30 days and 60 days respectively from the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting date.

Who creates a charge?

A charge is basically a right which is created by a person or company (borrower) on its assets and properties, whether present or future, in favor of a bank or financial institution (lender) which lends financial assistance.

What is the last date for ROC filing?

Every company is required to file the annual accounts and annual return as per The Companies Act, 2013 within 30 days and 60 days respectively from the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.

What is ROC account?

Return on capital (ROC), or return on invested capital (ROIC), is a ratio used in finance, valuation and accounting, as a measure of the profitability and value-creating potential of companies relative to the amount of capital invested by shareholders and other debtholders.

Is ROC filing mandatory?

Company is required to File Return of Deposits and money not considered as deposits in E-Form DPT-3 with the ROC before 30th June for every financial year ending on 31 March.

What is the penalty for late filing of ROC return?

Late fees on form AOC 4Period of DelayAdditional fee payableMore than 30 days and up to 60 days4 times of normal filing feesMore than 60 days and up to 90 days6 times of normal filing feesMore than 90 days and up to 180 days10 times of normal filing feesBeyond 180 days12 times of normal filing fees1 more row•Mar 9, 2020