What Is Relay Cropping?

What are the examples of multiple cropping?

A related practice, companion planting, is sometimes used in gardening and intensive cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

One example of multi-cropping is tomatoes + onions + marigold; the marigolds repel some of tomato’s pests.

Multiple cropping is found in many agricultural traditions..

What is the cropping pattern?

Cropping pattern refers to the proportion of land under cultivation of different crops at different points of time. This indicates the time and arrangement of crops in a particular land area. … change in the proportion of land under different crops. change in space sequence and time of crops.

What is synergistic cropping?

Synergistic cropping Here the yields of both crops, grown together are found to be higher than the yields of their pure crops on unit area basis.

What are the 3 types of cropping patterns?

There are three types of cropping patterns: Mixed Cropping: Growing two or more crops simultaneously on the same piece of land. Minimises the risk of crop failure. … Inter-cropping: Growing two or more crops simultaneously in the same field in a definite pattern. … Crop Rotation:

What are the advantages of cropping system?

➢ Advantages of alley cropping: 1) Better utilization of natural resources. 2) Reduces the cost of cultivation. 3) Improves the soil fertility and productivity. 4) Provides fodder for animals and food for human.

What is alley cropping in agriculture?

Alley cropping is defined as the planting of rows of trees and/or shrubs to create alleys within which agricultural or horticultural crops are produced.

What is an example of double cropping?

The practice of consecutively producing two crops of either like or unlike commodities on the same land within the same year. An example of double cropping might be to harvest a wheat crop by early summer and then plant corn or soybeans on that acreage for harvest in the fall.

What are the cropping practices?

Good management practices, which include crop rotations, cover crops, and reduced tillage, will yield positive economic and environmental benefits to soil ecosystems. Such management will yield high sustainability and productivity along with healthy soil.

Who is the father of agriculture?

Norman Ernest BorlaugNorman Ernest Borlaug (25 March 1914 – 12 September 2009) was an American agricultural scientist, and humanitarian. He is considered by some to be the “father of modern agriculture” and the father of the green revolution. He won the 1970 Nobel Peace Prize for his life’s work.

Who is the founder of Relay cropping?

Dr. Biwant RajisDr. Biwant Rajis the founder of Relay cropping .

What is the purpose of double cropping?

4.1 Agriculture intensification: The case of double cropping and soybean expansion. Double cropping means planting several crops in the same area and in the same crop year so that the same land is used to generate more than one crop per year.

What is forest crop?

Forest farming is the cultivation of high-value specialty crops under a forest canopy that is intentionally modified or maintained to provide shade levels and habitat that favor growth and enhance production levels. … Examples of crops are ginseng, shiitake mushrooms, decorative ferns, and pine straw.

What do you mean by relay cropping?

Relay cropping is essentially a special version of double cropping, where the second crop is planted into the first crop before harvest, rather than waiting until after harvest as in true double-cropping. … Wheat is harvested with little disturbance to the growing soybean crop.

What do you mean by multiple cropping?

The growing of two or more crops together or one after another on the same land in the same cropping season. … A form of intercropping in which a secondary crop is planted to cover the area between the rows of the main crop.

What are different cropping systems?

Types of Cropping Systems: Mono cropping; Crop Rotation; Sequential Cropping; Inter Cropping; Relay Cropping.

What occurs in alley cropping quizlet?

What occurs in alley cropping? a. Crops are planted in strips between trees and shrubs. … A row crop alternates in strips with another row crop.